Process and Planning

The Road Map to you web solution

Phase One "Planning" - We take time and sit down with each and every one of our clients to make sure we can capture what they are looking for. Every client is different so it is important to spend as much time as needed in the planning process to ensure that we understand your ideas in order to turn them into a reality. “Measure twice, cut once” is our style. After meeting with our clients, when then do research and analysis. Pinning them against their competitors to create an in depth proposal.

Phase Two "Design" - Your proposal is our blue print for your website. Using it, we create a design template to be used across your website. This template shows our clients where things will be placed. Once the proposed upon locations are approved, we move on to making a fully rendered template of their website so they can see first-hand what their ideas and our imaginations have whipped up. We strive to come up with flawless designs for our clients on the first time out but being realists, we know you need a few tweaks here and there. That’s why allow room for changes to our designs because no one knows what our clients target audience wants more than they do.

Phase Three "Conception" - Upon receiving the go ahead of your websites look and feel, we get to work on developing it into a full functioning site. At the end of this process, we delivery our clients with a link to a fully functioning version of their website in order to ensure their vision has become a tangible representation. We take extra efforts to ensure that what we deliver in this phase is 100% accurate to what is asked of us by our clients but we realize that as time goes on certain things change. Clients get excited about their sites and minor changes such as small content changes or even changing a picture here and there occur. We leave ourselves a little wiggle room just for this type of thing.

Phase Four "Delivery" - At this phase, all work has been completed and approved and is ready to either go live or be returned back to the client. If we are to make the site live, we take care of all the details. We make sure all your forms, links, and emails are working properly. We do user testing to make sure the site is working the way it should be from the stand point of our clients’ prospective users.

Phase Five "Maintenance" (Optional) – Change is good! Let’s face it, these days it is hard for any company to stay on top unless they adapt to market trends and their target audience. That’s why we give our clients the

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